Set Vision & Plan Change

Set Vision & Plan Change is the guilt-free guide to making real progress this year.

Ever felt like the year got away from you, you haven’t gotten ‘enough’ done, or maybe you’ve carried around guilt and felt scattered for months at a time?

What if you could start acknowledging what did work and build on that, become confident in your decision making, be empowered to make changes and shifts in your life?

Imagine never creating annual goals again, and also taking more action and being more focused than ever before. 

Finally, a unique framework that replaces annual goal setting and resolutions.

Watch the overview below:

What’s Included:

  • Lifetime access to the digital course (includes 8 video lessons, 30 page workbook)
  • Support in an encouraging & private Set Vision & Plan Change Facebook Group
  • BONUS: 3 printable Modern Planner quotes hand-drawn by Canadian artist Mariangelica Forero to encourage you all year long
  • BONUS: Partner Edition (how to include your partner in the process)
  • BONUS: Activity Audit (a proven, personal priority exercise)

$49.00 USD / month for 6 months